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Nagoya Dreaming (Part 1)

It has been a minute! Work is always priority, and my energy fluctuates day by day. The air is chilly and dry, but I have still been able to enjoy some of Nagoya’s wonderful sites. For starters, there’s a brilliant Japanese garden no more than a 10 minute walk from where I live. Tokugawaen isContinue reading “Nagoya Dreaming (Part 1)”

As I Walk, I Wonder

            Late at night, when the sun has set in the west, and the shadows creep deeper into the alleys and corners, I grow restless. My apartment is far too small to contain the thoughts I have, and so I’ll go for a walk. Despite the late evening, it is not so late for aContinue reading “As I Walk, I Wonder”

Journey to Nagoya

I. Am. Out. Quarantine was over, and Japan is at my mercy. Traveling down to Nagoya would be a cinch as I would be taking the Shinkansen, the bullet train. The main goal was to not make a mistake while going through public life in Tokyo. Don’t lose your ticket. Stand on the correct sideContinue reading “Journey to Nagoya”

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