The View

Please excuse the lack of immediate updates. The mix of training and jet leg have been brutal! In the meantime, here is the view from my hotel room.

Apartment Complex Block
Japanese Cemetery with Hayato Inari Shrine and Buddhist Temple
Tokyo Skytree (R)

Condensed. Claustrophobic. And yet oddly beautiful. When I’m not in my training meetings, I admire the subtle, almost natural flow of the streets. I’m not sure I saw a stop sign anywhere in the immediate street, but all the cars that passed by were careful, yet efficient. It is really a shame that I can’t step out to wander around (and take more pictures!)

But here I am. I have spent more than 96 hours in Tokyo and I will definitely be making a trip back once I am able to freely travel around. There’s far too much to see, but that is a good thing!

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