“Landed Amongst the Light”

A Poem by Ian Wright, 2020

*The following is creative expression. Please enjoy at your leisure. -IW*

I sit atop a great canvas.

Unbound by a far-reaching sight,

I struggle to hold the thrill within.

I want to leap out towards that furthering distance;

That mountainous euphoria.

I want to dance around a golden sun and sing to the swaying leaves.

Apart from the rest and yet not alone.

Myself I collect in memory jars and,

Hang them with painted twine from a delicate window.

Shine through!

Light brings life to the past

And with it, I shall understand again.

That which drove me; that which filled me with a surging fire

A great urge that once carried me onward.

And I prepared songs of my arrival,

And I control the passion in my heart,

And I belong with them all,

And I have landed amongst the light.


4 thoughts on ““Landed Amongst the Light”

  1. I am enjoying your blog ! Great descriptions and insights on your new land and impressions. Loved your poetry too. I look forward to reading more. God bless.

    Liked by 1 person

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